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After completing the overall idea of your virtual venue, it is time to request your virtual venue platform. Use the form below, to complete the request.

Please note that the venue name cannot be changed and is part of the URL for your test environments, as well as for the live environment (https://<your-venue-name> As venue names have to be unique, we need to check our database first. Should we not be able to confirm your requested venue name, we will reach out to you.
In case you have you own URL that you would like to use, please indicate above. Please note that your custom URL cannot be changed either and is applied to all architectures in your venue.
The Main Client Contact will be contacted for all venue related questions such as contracting, billing, but also available release updates, etc. This user will also be set up as main venue designer and provided with initial access data. Once access has been granted, this user can upload further team members to work in the venue designer together.
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A copy of your requested virtual venue details has been sent to the main contacts email address. Please double-check the data and let us know immediately at, in case the submitted data is incorrect or incomplete.
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