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Veni Vidi Vici - How everyone succeeds in identifying, setting, and achieving event goals

March 21, 2022
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Konstanze Stark
Creative Director, Extern

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Climb your virtual and hybrid event summit with your custom pair of event shoes, leaving remarkable yeti footprints, or in a nutshell, how do I reach my event goals?

Do you know your individual event goal and the general conditions?

If you want to climb a peak, the first thing is to decide which mountain you want to climb. But also, other points must be evaluated to reach a realistic goal efficiently:  

Do you want to conquer the highest mountain in the world for which experienced participants are additionally trained, where the ascent takes an average of 60 days and must be prepared and accompanied by many experienced guides?  

Or is your summit a mountain in the Alps where no participant must gasp for air, which can be climbed by a gondola in 30 minutes even in high heels, and where perhaps team exchange is the focus?

You should reach for the stars but remember never use a cannon to kill a fly.

A clear target helps you to plan and use resources sensibly and increases your input profitability.

How to identify my event goal and the basis to reach it

To achieve individual goals for virtual and hybrid events, magnid offers an almost limitless number of possibilities. First determine your event goal, evaluate the framework, and start with the right steps to make your event successful. A checklist can help you not to get off track.  


Goal of event  

What should be achieved with the event? (e.g., Scientific knowledge transfer, Team building, Brand experience, etc.)

Planning time/Lead time

How long is the planning and implementation phase? (e.g., 60 days, 30 days or just 3 days)


How large or small is the cost range? What can I afford?


How many resources are available to adequately implement the event in the time available?


What do my participants expect? What is their level of experience? What specific requirements do I have to consider?

Experience Level

How experienced is my team but also the participants?

Focus of event

100% virtual or hybrid, if hybrid: distribution of virtual and F2F audience (e.g., 10:90, 70:30 or 50:50?).

Focus on the virtual platform or on a studio production?

Duration of event

A single event on one day, or annual meeting series?

In addition to determining the framework conditions and answering key questions, the choice of a virtual platform also plays a decisive role in achieving desired goals.

How to choose a fitting Architecture

Every event is unique and magnid offers flexible solutions for every event type and individual planning. Whether large or small, you can choose your perfect architecture and customize it according to your wishes.

Big venue architecture - BIG & BRILLIANT

4 magnid Photoshop templates of large pre-defined venues with multiple areas

Medium venue architecture - MEDIUM & MAGNIFICENT (coming soon)

One simplified architecture (organic hub) with a limited number of selected areas

Simple solution - SIMPLE & SMART

Engaging Magnid solution that excites even without using an architecture

After choosing the architecture, it is time to realize your ideas and make your event goals tangible.

How to bring my event vision to life

Choose out of a wide range of widgets and engagement tools to add your content and user experience fitting to relevance of your target group and event objective. Learn here more about how to bring your solution to life.

Our mission is to empower organizations in reaching their virtual & hybrid event peaks. Magnid is the base camp where you get equipped with tools, guidance, and fresh ideas that you might need for your ascension. We are happy to support you on your journey. Get in touch!

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