Our mission:
Enable virtual event experiences of the highest emotional relevance.

Just like real life – without the limits.

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The digital transformation is changing everything more than ever. Virtual and hybrid events are on the rise and are here to stay.

We are here to stay. Because real feelings need a fully-fledged counterpart in cyberspace: Emotion goes digital.

As an early accelerator for the "New Normal", we combine the expertise of an events company that has been established for more than three decades with all the experience of a highly dynamic technology industry: Strategic. Analytical. Creative. Hands on.

Our platform is ahead of the curve, anticipating challenges in the enterprise event experience and interacting with content that is truly relevant to users in a highly customized way. And that's exactly why our intuitive DIY system uses self-learning AI. Magnid is built for the future.

For one goal only: Generating true relevance for your events

magnid Sweet SpotMagnid Sweet Spot Illustration
Magnid Sweet Spot Illustration

Common cluster of
video communication
(Skype, FaceTime etc.)

Field of
virtual event
(Zoom, MS Teams etc.)

Our Journey

Fast-paced and refreshing


To the moon: First customers are captivated by the idea of a new generation of virtual event platforms.

Since March 2020

Magnid still camouflages itself under the much sought-after version 1.0 - Proske Virtual Venue.

From January 2021

A global customer base – blue chips as well as world leading agencies – looks forward to the magnetizing opportunities of magnid.

So far

More than 1000 virtual events were implemented effectively, successfully and safely.


Ongoing fast time-to-market strategy with customer feedback integration development.


Magnid rules cyberspace and creates the bridge to Metaverse. Virtually unlimited.

Our Team

Empathic persuaders

Profile Picture of Lisbeth Hanses
Everything is possible
Lisbeth Hanses
(Director Digital Solutions)
KPI-oriented perfectionist with the ability to work magic. No idea how she does it ... Trusted interface in international strategic event management who loves to make ideas come true. Twinkle twinkle.
Profile Picture of Nicole Deisenhofer
Creative Passionista
Nicole Deisenhofer
(Director Strategy & Innovations)
Visionary and innovative head of our digital transformation and breath-taking platform design ideas. Experienced event and product manager with an out-of-the-box mindset. Never be afraid, let the magic happen and try to reach the stars.
Profile Picture of Lennart Bendix
Out of the Box
Lennart Bendix
(Senior Digital Solution Manager)
Nothing is impossible - no idea is worthless. Always looking out for possibilities to improve product, processes, and himself by thinking outside the usual. Need something that has never been done before? He is your expert!
Profile Picture of Lioba Hackert
Yes We Can!
Lioba Hackert
(Digital Solution Manager)
Forever curious to explore new ways to create "Wow Moments" for our customers. With a background in project management and the luxury hotel industry she knows how to rock the "Yes We Can" attitude.
Profile Picture of Nikolay Tretyakov
A Virtual Mind
Nikolay Tretyakov
(Digital Solution Manager)
AR, VR, XR – it’s a clear path for him in the virtual jungle. Creates event concepts with a vision, plans while always being one step ahead and executes with passion for detail – let him turn your reality virtual.
Profile Picture of Andrii Siahrovskyi
The Magic Man
Andrii Siahrovskyi
(Software Engineer)
A binary man who makes the magic work – rules our platform to do what our customers need and helps predict the future by mastering AI. What’s up next? You better ask Andrii!
Profile Picture of Ian Brown
Challenge Accepted!
Ian Brown
(Software Engineer)
With the big picture always at heart, ensures all new features are integrated seamlessly into the user experience. The bigger the challenge, the better – he always finds the road to success.
Profile Picture of Christian Holtz
Beam me up, Scotty
Christian Holtz
Co-Founder and Digital Platform Specialist
Former startup founder and ERP specialist with many years of international experience for cutting edge solutions in SAP, machine learning and AI. On track to change the future event landscape through strategic and technical innovation. Analytics first.
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