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Your virtual event experience powered by AI. Make it personal – with magnid!

When am I engaged?

Only when things actually matter to me.
Thanks to AI magnid has virtually unlimited power to create truly relevant virtual and hybrid events.”


AI infused content curation + best in class analytics + all that’s close to me

= True engagement


Seamless interfaces to your existing IT ecosystem + fully customizable platform + everything the way I need it

= True openness


Easy to use platform + maximum autonomy + always someone I can ask

= True value


ISO certified + GDPR compliant + my carefree package

= True safety


Only pay for your actual attendees + unlimited events per period + no minimum contract duration + my return on invest

= True partnership


Stunning venue templates + great interaction tools + simple usage + all that makes me happy

= True user experience

experience the power of magnid

What is magnid?

Magnid is an enterprise class, AI-powered, cloud based virtual & hybrid events platform. Its features enable you to attract users to engage with your content by personalizing each individual’s experience and thus making it truly relevant!

Impress with scalable virtual 3D worlds, built by easy to use self-service technology. Measure, track and enhance your venues based on state-of-the-art analytics.

With magnid you are ready to lead the virtual and hybrid event industry.
Virtually unlimited.

True potential unlocked

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Enter the next level

discover our demo venue

Why magnid?

Leading Technology

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Cloud based solution for unlimited scalability

Data science based on AI to create relevant user journeys

Simple and intuitive user navigation

Comprehensive tracking (user behavior, ROI, KPIs)

Stunning Graphics

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Templates for virtual venue display

Self-service composition of venue

Branding of venue and visuals

Simple to use for various target audiences

Great Integration

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Extensive interface library (Cvent API, CRM, CMS, ...)

API for custom integrations

Full integration into your existing enterprise landscape

User authentication supports single sign on

Certified Security

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ISO 27001 certified company

GDPR compliant

Secure access control and user authentication

Compliant cookie handling

Full Flexibility

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Intuitive self-service functionality to customize venue and content

Integrated event app for hybrid experiences

Open to a vast array of external tools (e.g. gamification, match making)

Full support in all project stages

Advanced options for developers

All opportunities for virtual and hybrid events

Fair Pricing

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As true partners we share the risk – only pay for actually logged-in users

Unlimited number of events per venue without additional cost

No minimum contract duration

Comfortable Customization

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Choose existing venue architectures or create your own

Integrate you own templates for different types of events

Fully customizable (design, branding, scope, storylines)

Fast and easy venue deployment and content management

Discover custom benefits.

Let us contact you!

Venue Designer

Your DIY venue: create & impress with great results

Start with customizing your graphics – configure beautifully styled venues for a great user experience and brand them according to your needs. Use our unique venue designer to adapt some of our many templates or simply create your own style. The result: a virtual venue tailor exactly to your users’ needs. With a unique set of features and the ability to adapt each venue to individual users or groups, magnid will do all the heavy lifting for you in designing, executing, and evaluating the best virtual event you can imagine. Add your content and features that make the event engaging and successful. Choose from a wide range of ready to use tools for content delivery, interaction, and integration with your own software ecosystem.

Add the power of artificial intelligence and the opportunities are VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED.

Venue Features


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Personalized avatars

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Use your organization’s preferred tools (Teams, Zoom, Webex)

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Inscreen streaming tools

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1:1 chat (video, audio, written)

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Private/public chat rooms

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Meet the expert areas

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Discussion forum


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Live voting

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Match making

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Group games

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Digital white boards


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Video & media showcase

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Document sharing

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Media Download function

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Record presentations

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Presentation archive


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Full compliance with international data protection laws

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Personalized authentication and authorization

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Secure cloud hosting

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Secure data storage and maintenance

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Cvent Integration API

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Group based access rights for client interfaces


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Real-time personalized data tracking with a live dashboard for each venue

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Track your KPIs matched with personas:  visitors, behavior, goals & much more

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Integrate with your BI tools

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Media analytics

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Custom reports

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Analytics via Matomo


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Use your preferred branding and personalize all areas

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Time controlled content

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Role (or group) based content widgets

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Predesigned, flexible, adaptable 
templates for easy branding

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Localization options

Hybrid or virtual – now is the time to make an impact!

discover our Demo Venue
Partners who trust magnid:

Value for Agency Partners

Self-service network for revenues and connections

magnid – a platform that makes you shine

Generate revenues while consulting your clients

Operate virtual and hybrid events on behalf of your clients using the self-service functionality

Include all your creative ideas and use magnid’s virtually unlimited power to impress

A platform built to allow agencies perform and be relevant
Open to your preferred tools and working styles
Easy to use and to onboard multiple colleagues to service clients
Benefit from affiliate options and a special pricing
Get support when you need it, not only on technical questions
Shape the development of the industry with your ideas
A platform built to allow agencies perform and be relevant
Open to your preferred tools and working styles
Easy to use and to onboard multiple colleagues to service clients
Benefit from affiliate options and a special pricing
Get support when you need it, not only on technical questions
Shape the development of the industry with your ideas

Make the power of magnid your own.

become a partner!

The platform performed flawlessly, the design made the event interactive, engaging and fun for the audience. The terms and conditions give us complete freedom to re-use content and host different events in the future.”

Stephen Yeo
SAS - Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

Thank you for the partnership in supporting the launch of our first virtual booth! This tool now allows us to engage with our customer in this virtual landscape. The technology and client support is second to none!”

Rachel Welsh
Abbott - Manager, Global Conventions & Events Neuromodulation

Our first virtual congress center was a great success. Thanks to this new event format we gained many inspiring insights that will lead the way for future conferences.”

Angelika Höfler
VDR - Head of Services/Member of the Executive Board

Already using the power of magnid

Our Pricing is adjusted to the needs and scope of your project

Magnid is the virtual venue platform created for businesses and agencies alike. Thus it’s simple and fair.

fair pricing for your virtual or hybrid events


We are happy to discuss any questions regarding our pricing.


Pay only for actually logged-in users. That’s what true partnership means

Access to your backend end testing environment covered in the base fee


Full platform access, no hidden costs and fees

No forced bundle options

Easy monthly payment


Pay only once per user/month and operate an unlimited number of events in your venue with already paid users

Prepare up to 5 parallel event designs per venue and switch them as often as you want


No minimum subscription period

Ability to cancel contracts on a monthly basis until the last day of the contract

Custom build pricing options available

Pricing Illustration by magnid


We are happy to discuss any questions regarding our pricing.

Built to power your success.

We are happy to discuss any questions regarding our pricing.

Get a personalized offer

Contact us and take the tour

Visit one of our virtual venues to see and feel the dynamic appeal of magnid. We will answer your questions about the technology, partners and pricing options that enable you to create relevant virtual events with less effort, more control and trust.
We are at your service...

Christina Gottschlich - International sales Consultant

Lisbeth Hanses
Director Digital Solutions


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